How do I start sewing? I know nothing!

How do I start sewing? I know nothing!

needle and thread

The “P” word… “Practice!”

For beginners, I have printable practice sheets available. Please print out the page of  your choice from the links below. You may print as many pages as you need. No thread is required.

Caution: Be careful to keep your hands at a safe distance from the needle when you are sewing.

To put you at ease, for adults, I usually say “If you can drive a car, you can drive a sewing machine. The only real difference is that the sewing machine does not have brakes”. For children, they usually get excited when I tell them it will help them learn to drive a car later on when they are older.

Instructions are on each practice sheet. Have fun!

Practice Sheet 1 – Straight Stitching

Practice Sheet 2 – Curves

Practice Sheet 3 – Circles & Ovals

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