Thanks for having a look at some of the things I've created, past and present. Some of these things I make and sell in my online Etsy shop, in person or in my home or at craft fairs. I will do custom orders for baby quilts, and others things, depending on what you would like, and I make many gifts for friends and relatives, or to donate.

I have enjoyed having my Etsy shop since July 30th 2014. Over the years many items have come and gone, as I do like to try creating new or different things. 

I thought I would go into it more on how things get put together, where I found the patterns, that sort of thing. It might be handy for someone who is looking to do something similar. I won't be writing about every product as I do tend to rotate them now and then to prevent boredom. I may be an old lady, but my mind goes 90 MPH lol. Sewing has been quite an addiction for me most of my life. 

Let's start with the staples; things that are usually pretty constant in the shop on Etsy:

Other Works

Monograms & Names: For items other than baby quilts where personalization is included, I charge $5.00 for monograms and names (10 letters or less) on items such as aprons or tea towels. *Item must be able to take embroidery. *Not possible on microwave items.