Baby Quilts

Although I have done larger quilts, I prefer to do baby quilts the most. It is fun learning different methods and designs. I love doing grid style quilting as there are many designs you can do. I do all the work on my home sewing machine, even the quilting part.

I do all the work on my home sewing machine or on my embroidery machine… I do not send them out to be professionally done on a long arm quilt machine. Depending on the quilt, I may use my embroidery machine to do a custom motif, a repeated all-over pattern on single blocks or add a baby’s name. I also prefer to use heavy flannel as the batting as that is something my grandmother would have done. Basically the layers are the quilt top which has the design, the inside which is the flannel and then the back side is usually either a fleece or another layer flannel that is decorative.

Each quilt is different; not often will I do the same design twice. The quilts are not sold on Etsy. Many are gifted to friends and relatives. Quilts  that are sold are by custom order only.

All quilts are given names which is added to the back on a label. The name given doesn’t happen right away. Sometimes the quilt needs to sit a while until it’s personality dictates its name. With others, the name comes quickly. One time the new owner actually named their quilt. It was to be for a new grandchild of theirs and because they did not know the baby’s sex at the time, we went with gender neutral colours. I had found some cute fabric with monkeys all over it and once the quilt was completed, the owner named it “Crazy Monkey Quilt”, so that is what it became lol.