Lanyards, Wristlets & Lip Balm Keyrings

Lanyards and Key Fob Wristlets

I started making lanyards and wristlets initially to use up leftover fabric I had on hand. But as I continued to make them I enjoyed making them more and more.

They can be used to attach to backpacks, purses, or other bags. They are 100% homemade, and make great small gifts.

Lanyards sit around the neck like a necklace and are generally used to keep your keys or ID badge handy whereas a wristlet usually slips onto the wrist. A wristlet isn’t just for the wrist however, it can be used to help locate keys at the bottom of a purse or any other bag.

I make both items in the same way. I cut then fold the fabric over in half length-wise and iron it. I do the same again this time folding each side over towards the middle crease. One final fold over, folding it in half length-wise once again and ironing it flat again. I then sew down the length on both sides closing the folds down.

I attach the keyring gear, and sew the ends together going back and forth several times. I flip it around to the right side and do the same to finish it.

The fabric used is 100% cotton. Each lanyard is approximately between 21 and 23 inches end to end. Each wristlet is approximately 8 inches end to end.

Each item has a split type keyring and a lobster claw style clasp.

Lip Balm Key Rings

These go together rather quickly. It is just 2 pieces of fabric, a little fusible interfacing and some keyring gear. I got the original pattern from this website: but as always, I like to tweak the patterns a little to my own liking.