This is a new idea for me. It is my own design and I hope you like it. I was thinking about how it would be much more versatile to use a detachable clip-on loop rather than an entire tea towel. With this option, you can use any tea towel of your choice. And if you need the towel detached to wipe something on the counter, it is easily done without a lot of fuss. Someone I know suggested that they could be used to hang up wet mittens. I had thought that they could be of use for many more things besides tea towels, but I hadn't thought of that one!

They are relatively easy to make. To make these, I made them similar to a headband with the exception of adding elastic to join the two ends. Instead I top stitched, added the gear for the clasp so it would be clip-able. Then finally I would sew the two ends together, turn it then finish with sewing across-ways to contain the clip.

The Christmas clip-on loops have a heart shaped suspender type clasps, whereas the everyday clip-on loops have regular suspender type clasps. The clasps are heavy duty. 

The loops can attach to stove handles or dishwasher handles if yours has one, a cupboard knob, a nail in the wall... well, you get the idea. You could even use them to hang to dry hand-washed items on the shower curtain rod. 

The clip-on loops are unwashed prior to sale, however they are machine washable and dryable.



*Item Design ©2021 (copyright) Judy McLean / Judy's Home Handicrafts