Helping out

If you are a sewist and want to help out in your area…

Here are some links to text and/or video tutorials that I followed to create headbands with buttons for “ear relief”.

I did do a few masks for family, and some headbands for local health care providers. For the masks, I actually combined two tutorials. I will add the links, however please note that the homemade masks are not recommended by health professionals, however they are better than having nothing at all. You can do “the candle test” to make sure your masks work well enough. My husband and I did that little test on the masks I made and we were not able to blow out the flame. They are not 100% protection of course, but at least it is better than having nothing at all.

Link #1 – Crafty Gemini

How to make a reversible headband.

I used this pattern to make “button bands” (headbands with buttons) for our local pharmacy and hospital.

Click on her link at YouTube to download the pattern –

I didn’t have coloured elastic, so I just used regular 3/4 inch. I also just made them one colour and used what I had for interfacing. You can use a layer or two of scrap percale cotton sheeting if you don’t have interfacing. You can also use up leftover 2 1/2 inch jelly roll strips for this project. You get 1 headband per strip.

Just add your buttons on about 3 inches from where the fabric joins the elastic. I recommend 3/4 to 1 inch size buttons as the masks elastic may slip off smaller ones.

Links # 2 & 3 – Face Mask Patterns (2 tutorials combined)

I prefer this design because we wear glasses and they didn’t fog up as bad with this design.

Link #2 – Pattern I used

This tutorial contained the pattern for the face masks I made. I liked the design of this mask as it fit a little snugger. See link for Link #2_Pattern to download from their webpage.

Link #2_Pattern

Link #3 – Instructions I used

This is the instructions for the face masks I made. I found their instruction quite straight forward and concise. See link for Link #3_Instructions to download from their webpage. It is a shopping cart, but the pattern is free.

Link #3_Instructions


I used iron-on interfacing on the inside of the outer side of the masks. The interfacing I used was the thickest that I had but yet flexible and you have to be able to breathe through it.

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