Decorative Table Hot Pad (Brown/Tan)

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Hot pads are generally used to protect a table from the heat of a hot dish.

Hot pads have been around for many years and have come in many forms. The old fashioned name for a table hot pad is “trivet”.

Today’s trivets are of course different: although they still can come in the old styled metal variety, many are now a layer of specialized protective thermal batting (Insul-brite), sandwiched between flannel or other batting and outer decorative fabric.

This one of a kind lovely table trivet is mainly coloured white with copper and various browns and tans.

Item is machine embroidered with an ornate hearts design in the center and has a pieced “piano keys” border surrounding the embroidered center. It is finished with binding that matches the center section. The trivet measures at approximately 12 inches x 12 inches in size.

This item is thermal, which means it has a specialized heat resistant batting called “Insul-bright” inside. You can use this trivet for warm glass or plastic serving bowls, or small platters at the dinner table.

It is not recommended for use as an oven mitt as it is too large for such purpose.

All items are pre-washed prior to shipping. Photos are taken prior to laundering.

The embroidered areas (heavily threaded area) have been heat tested.

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