My Museum

 My "Museum" of vintage sewing machines. I've been collecting these old wonderful machines for a while now.

I love my Singers, my favourite being the machine I grew up with and learned on, my mother's 99k machine from 1955. I do have the odd machine that is not a Singer though. I have an Eatons, and a fiddle based one that my husband and I think is old but had no name until an acquaintance identified as a Hengstenberg. Not sure of the year, but it at least has a name now.

In the past year I finally acquired a Singer Featherweight 221k which I have named "cutie-pie" because it is so little and cute. I also just recently found a "Rocketeer" 503A which I think are harder to find, especially in a portable. I will eventually post photos of the recent ones. For now, here are a few pics of some of my favs.





(1)  1896 Singer model 28 with hand crank - "Victorian" decal set. This is my oldest machine. It was made the same year as two of my grandparents 1896! Where it was made is unknown. It's Bentwood case top is made of oak and has no lock, just a latch. 

(2) 1898 Model 28 Victorian Coffin Top - "Victorian" decal set. Made in 1898; where is unknown. This one we found in White Rock BC. The ornate "coffin" lid is in the next photo.

(3) Coffin Top 1898 Model 28 Lid - The "coffin" cover for the 1898 Model 28 Victorian coffin top in the previous photo. Research tells me that the top is made of mahogany.

(4) 1904 "Pheasant" Model 27 - This is a head only, full size model 27. It was quite seized when we got it but a friend worked at it and got the hand wheel moving again. A few bits are missing but I love it despite. 

(5) 1918 Parlor Treadle - This sits in our living room and is well loved. The machine inside has a model 127 machine with the "Sphinx" decal set. It was made on March 15, 1927 and there were 30,000 made.

(6) 1921 Model 127-3 Treadle - I use this cabinet daily as my modern machine sits on top. Inside the cabinet is it's original model 127-3 head with "Sphinx" decal set. It was made on May 18, 1921 and there were 15,000 made. 

(7) 1923 Model 128 Singer - "La Vencedora" decal set. It was made December 22, 1923 in St. John's, Quebec. It has a knee controller to run it. 

(8) 1936 Model 15-88 Treadle - "Eye and Trefoils" decal set. These machines were made from 1936 - 1948 in St. John's, Quebec. I have used this treadle machine to make microwave bowl cozies. 

(9) 1955 Singer 99k - "Eye" decal set. My mothers 99k Singer that I learned to sew on. She made many dresses for herself and for me on this. She used to make mine match hers perfectly. It was made in 1955 in Kilbowie, Scotland.

(10) Singer 503J Slant-o-matic - This one is fast becoming a fav! It was on the smelly side when it arrived here, thus it was named "Pig Pen". Surprisingly, despite it's musty odor, it runs like a dream. I've cleaned Pig Pen all up and am having a great time playing with the "fashion disks" that came with it.

(11)  Eatons Treadle - Not much is known about this machine. Inside is it's original Eaton head. From what research we could find, it may be prior to 1926. What is unique about this cabinet, is that when you open the lid, a chain goes into motion which brings the machine head up in a flip up fashion. It also has wooden wheels. 

(12) Eatons - Head only - Not much is known about this machine. From what basic research we could find, it may be prior to 1926. We got it for free from someone in White Rock who was going to repurpose it's cabinet.

(13) 1914 "Egyptian" or Lotus Model 66K - "Egyptian or Lotus" decal set. Made in January or 1914 in Clydesbank, Scotland. Mine is not in running order but I love it just the same. It has a unique foot pedal which is shaped like the sole of a shoe. 

(14)  Singer Featherweight 221k - "Celtic Knot" decal set. Made May 23, 1949 in Kilbowie, Scotland. This is "Cutie-pie" my little Featherweight. Cutie-pie will be my little traveller when we go RVing. 

(15) Hengstenberg - age unknown - Formally known as "The Mystery Machine", this machine was identified by a visitor. She explained that it was from Germany and gave us a webpage for what information there is about the brand. Going by the decal set, mine looks to be like the 3rd machine down on the page. Anyway, nice to finally know something about it.